The Aphasia Therapy Planner is an online tool designed to help speech and language therapists find and deliver evidence-based aphasia therapies. Treatments are arranged according to the type and severity of aphasia.


The Aphasia Therapy Planner let you filter therapy options according to whether clients are experiencing comprehension difficulties or spoken/written difficulties (i.e. receptive or expressive aphasia). It also lets you choose what level the client is having difficulty with, e.g. you can work at the single word level or choose target conversation level communication.  The Aphasia Therapy Planner covers both impairment-based therapies (i.e. therapies that directly target the difficulties that clients are having), and functional therapies (i.e. approaches that focus on finding alternative ways of communicating and creating environments that support communication).

Oli Cheadle is the creator of The Aphasia Planner, he decided to create the Aphasia Therapy Planner because it was a tool that he needed while working as a newly qualified speech and language therapist on hospital wards. He found that there were a lot of information about aphasia therapies out there but that he wanted a simple, one-stop resource where he could browse a range of therapies, see which might be appropriate for his clients, understand how to carry them out, and read the research behind them. He have found the mobile app version particularly useful when working on hospital wards (where there isn’t usually the time or opportunity to sit down and research specific therapies). Also, he often adapt the instructions about how to carry out an approach to save time while writing therapy programmes for patients/carers.

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