Speechless has started an Indiegogo crowdfudning campaign to finish the film.


We have something important to say

According to statistics, 1 million people have aphasia in the U.S., but only few people have ever heard of it. This is where this film comes into picture, dealing with a topic that seriously matters to society.

After 3 years of work, Speechless is very close to its completion. Untill today, we have been able to fund this project thanks to our personal funds, our pro bono work, the help of La Caixa Foundation Fellowship (Spain), and the collaboration of hundreds of colleagues.


How much we need and why?

In order to release this film, the Speechless team needs to rise $35,374 for post-production, archival and music licensing, the distribution strategy, and most importantly, audience outreach.

Here is a graphic budget of the funds needed to finish the film:


Why help this project? A valuable contribution to the recognition of Aphasia

This project is a valuable contribution to the recognition of aphasia, a health issue that is as common as Parkinson's disease but which has never been acknowledged by society. 

Speechless is an ideal film for the U.S. and the international market, a documentary with a strong potential social impact. This film provides all aphasia advocates with what they mostly need: an understanding of aphasia from a human point of view. The viewers will relate to the main characters in a way that statistics had never inspired them. It will offer the necessary scientific information, but most importantly it will add a layer of a much deeper comprehension.  This is the power of documentaries nowadays: making possible a change of mind in thousands -if not millions- of people. And this is what you make possible with your donation, from the smallest amount to the biggest.

If you want to collaborate with Speechless, please, click here or share the Speechless Indeigogo campaign with your contacts: http://igg.me/at/speechlessdoc


Thanks to all of you, we'll make it possible.