Lance Chambers, one of the main characthers of Speechless, talks with us about his personal experience with the film.


At the beginning of the film, I felt, ugly, terrible, and unsatisfied. But as I worked with Guillermo, I felt good about myself and I felt good about my methods.


I liked going to Church. I liked making the film with others. I liked riding over to my robotics treatments with Guillermo. I liked the way Guillermo and Ariadna took time to see what my interests are and how that would work in the film. Overall, I liked what the film did for me. Making the film made me feel good!


I liked the way Guillermo separated the beginning: the segmentation.  I liked the way he organized the panel of three participants in the film.  Guillermo tried to organize and supervise the panel of participants so that they fit together as three people’s stories telling one story. I didn’t like the way the story made me feel sad, because I really always wanted to have a good time. But the film has made me stronger! It made me ready to meet other people. It made me want to find peace! I just liked the film a lot! There is nothing about the film that I don’t like, nor is there anything about making the film that I didn’t like! I liked the music and the thought behind the music. The film has helped me to dream that I can be anything that I want to be and I now believe that I can be anything that I want to be. At first, I felt scared and that I was not ready, but making the film made me feel ready for the next phase of life!

THE SCREENING  (Working progress screening at the School of Visual Arts, New York, Sept 2014)

At the Screening, I felt good! There were times when I felt sad, but most of the time, I felt good. It made me feel good saying words to the people attending the Screening and helping to show that I am great! Sometimes I felt like crying because most of the scenes made me cry, but I didn’t feel sad. I felt better once I finished seeing the film! At the Screening I also felt proud of me. I was proud of the people who came to the Screening. I felt good about what they said about the film and I enjoyed their comments and they criticized nothing! I felt good about the training for the film and I felt good about the participants and the photographers. I felt good about all of the participants who let me see that they too can be recognized and they want to be recognized.


And now, I even feel better about the experience than at the Screening; a whole lot better! At the beginning I was afraid and I thought it was too much trouble, but I didn’t feel that way at the end. I was happy and glad and think that the film is awesome and I am thankful that Jesus allowed me to present something to family, friends and others. We got a good teacher in Guillermo, because he thought about it and presented it and the outcome is whole and complete!  And that finishes my story!!!


Lance Chambers