Speechless portrays the life of three stroke survivors who suffer from aphasia, a loss of language produced by a brain damage. Through their story, we witness a quest for happiness, the dignity of those who fight for a new life, and the importance of human communication.


Ed, a 42 year-old ex-athletic trainer, had a stroke while running a race, and consequently lost his speech. As a result of this, he lives now with his parents. Ed misses his two 10 year old children very much. They now live with their mother. As a way of expressing himself, Ed has begun to learn photography and is currently presenting a few exhibitions in New York.


Tinna, a Jewish-Persian woman in her forties, had the stroke 16 years ago, and a few years later a heart transplant. She met her husband Jeff through internet, and they soon got married. Tinna cannot give birth because of her health issues, so the couple decided to go through an in vitro fertilization process.


Lance, a 64 year-old business man, had a stroke a few months ago. Malvina, his ever-supporting wife, helps him with his daily speech exercises, but he suffers from a severe loss of identity that he is overcoming thanks to his Baptist church community.